Making your work life greener

Life is hard enough without the worries about how "green" you are at work, but here are a few simple changes that can have a big impact.

Ditch the plastic cup at the water cooler!
Bring a glass to keep on your desk, leave a reusable water bottle at work or make yourself a tasty beverage at home and bring it in - large mason jars are great for this!

Print on both sides!
This one is easy to forget, so just change the default settings on your printer! You can also collect those single side prints for scratch paper or designate a drawer in the printer for G.O.O.S (good on one side)

Pack your lunch!
Not only is this a money saver, it's generally healthier. There are so many great to-go containers on the market - reusable sandwich wrappers, divided meal containers or even the handy mason jar! Grab one of those cute re-usable bags you have and designate that as your lunch bag so you don't rely on those plastic bags!

Ask around in your office, maybe you can share your commute and jump into the carpool lane. Some companies offer incentives to get you out of your car, ask around, or start your own club! Bike to work. Take the bus or a commute train (if available).

Keep a set of dishes in your desk!
Hit up a local thrift store or a garage sale and grab yourself a set of dishes to keep at work! Make sure to include a metal straw, utensils and coffee cup!

Check with your work to see if your garbage hauler provides organic waste cans in your office, if not grab a container with a lid and start your own!