Self-hauling green materials and food scraps

Where should I drop off green materials and food scraps?

Drop-off compostable yard debris and comingled food scraps at the Annapolis, Guerneville, Healdsburg, and Sonoma Transfer Stations. Please note: wood waste, yard debris, and food waste are not accepted at the Central Disposal Site.

Alternatively, privately-owned locations are also available through Global Materials Recovery Services at 3899 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa (707-586-6666) and the Redwood Landfill Compost Site at 8950 Redwood Highway, Novato (415-892-2851).

What are the fees for dropping off green materials and food scraps?

Visit Fee Schedule for all County Refuse Disposal Sites.

What happens to my green materials and food scraps?

Because there is currently no large-scale industrial composting facility within Sonoma County, all green material and food scraps collected at County-owned transfer stations are transported to composting facilities in Mendocino County (Cold Creek Compost) and Redwood County (Redwood Landfill).

Will compost ever come back to Sonoma County?

Yes, hopefully in the next few years. Please visit the Organics Facility page to learn more.

What can and cannot be composted


Fruit, vegetables, and peelings

Pasta, grains, and bread


Meat, fish, bones, and dairy

Tea bags, coffee grounds, and paper coffee filters

Wood ashes (cold)

Paper plates & napkins UNLINED with plastic

Landscape prunings

Grass clippings, leaves, and weeds

Tree trunks and branches (maximum 4 inches in diameter by 2 feet long)

Christmas trees are accepted seasonally (must be free of flocking, tinsel, ornaments, lights, and all decoration)

NOT accepted

Any items considered garbage or trash

Plastic bags and film

Biodegradable, compostable, or bio-based "plastics"

Poison oak, cactus, palm fronds, pampas grass, or bamboo

Cooking oil and liquid waste

Sudden Oak Death infested material

Dirt, rocks, or sod

Animal pet waste

BBQ ashes

Tree stumps