Sonoma County Recycle Guide

Sonoma County residents can send us an e-mail to receive a copy of the 2019 Sonoma County Recycle Guide in the mail. Please include your name, full address and if you prefer and English or Spanish guide mailed. Click here to request a guide

Alternatively, a PDF version of the guide can be downloaded in English or Spanish (Español):

2019 Recycle Guide in English (PDF)

2019 Guía de Reciclaje en Español (PDF)

What's inside the guide?

  • Household hazardous wastes (HHW) disposal, including paint, batteries, medications, and lightbulbs
  • Motor oil and filters recycling locations
  • Curbside garbage, recycling, and compost services
  • CRV locations for bottles and cans
  • Food waste prevention, food donation, and backyard composting information
  • Disposal sites
  • Electronic waste recycling locations
  • Business recycling laws
  • How to reuse and recycle items such as appliances, construction debris, needles/syringes, scrap metal, and more.
  • (NEW!) Lifestyle section for tips to be more green at work, home, and play