DIY Woven Plastic Basket

Reuse can be a powerful tool when trying to give materials intended for the trash a second life. Plastic bags are tricky to recycle, but in this art project you can learn how to reuse them. Using a simple weaving technique alone, you can create this small gem. The materials and instructions outlined will produce a small basket you can hold in your hand, but you can increase the materials to make the basket as large as you would like. Feel free to adapt the colors of the various bags to fit the color palette of your choosing. In this example I try to go for a high contrast look of white plastic and very dark green plastic so that woven pattern stands out more. Whatever color palette you decide, you will end up with a beautiful woven piece that practices reuse in a stylish way.

This craft project was created by Recology Sonoma Marin's Public Education Manager and trash artist, Marie Kneemeyer for a free class hosted by the Sonoma Community Center in April 2021.