AB 341: Mandatory Commercial Recycling

Results from the 2008 statewide waste characterization study showed that commercial entities generated almost 3/4 of all waste in the state. In Sonoma County, it was estimated that 70% of the material sent to landfill could have been recycled. Since the manufacturing of commercial goods from virgin material is extremely resource intensive, recycling greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emitted during production and disposal. Recycling also helps to extend the capacity of landfills. In 2011, Governor Brown signed AB 341 into state law, requiring all commercial entities to recycle.

Who's affected?

All commercial entities producing 4 cubic yards or more of solid waste a week are affected by AB 341. Please note that "solid waste" means the entire generated waste stream, including garbage, recyclables, and organic material. Some examples of commercial entities are:

  • for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • government offices and agencies
  • private and public schools
  • multifamily residential dwellings with five or more units

How to get in compliance

Please note that if you have tenants, employees, or customers, you must also provide recycling containers to them.

Find out what can or cannot be recycled.

Yes, your recycling is actually recycled.

If your organization also produces food scraps and yard debris, you must also compost that material.

Available Assistance

Your licensed garbage hauler or Zero Waste Sonoma staff are available to provide assistance in complying with AB 341. These services come at no extra cost:

  • On-site waste assessment to help you choose container size and service level
  • Training for employees, staff, students, and residents
  • Posters, guides, and other digital/print educational material
  • Tabling, workshops, presentations, and other education/outreach events

Print materials available for download (English or Spanish)

Free indoor recycling bins are available.

Email sloane.pagal@sonoma-county.org or call at 707.565.1730

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