Compost Giveaways for Residents

Free compost is available for Sonoma County residents every year. Collaborating with the municipalities, community volunteers, and partner organizations, Zero Waste Sonoma organizes compost giveaway events throughout the County. The compost is certified USDA organic, OMRI certified, CDFA listed, and is produced from local facilities that process material collected from residential green carts. Compost is usually delivered in bulk and residents are asked to bring their own containers and shovels.

The compost will come from one of three facilities. For more information about the compost, including testing data sheets, refer to their websites below.

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Event in Cazadero

Event in Santa Rosa

Event in Sonoma

Request an Event Near You

Please indicate the city, town, or region in Sonoma County where you would like a compost giveaway event to be held. Leave your contact information if you want to be notified when an event is scheduled nearby.

The most challenging part of organizing a compost giveaway event is finding a suitable location. If you have a suggestion, feel free to type it in the message box below. The site must be large enough for a 20-40 yd truck to enter and turn around, and it must allow for people to get out of their cars and shovel compost safely. Ideally, the site should also have at least two exits for traffic flow.

Want to help? Check the box and leave a message below about how much you'd like to be involved. An event is more likely to happen if we have one or two volunteers. You can either help with the planning, or take a smaller role by simply being on site on event day to direct the cars.