Construction and Demolition (C&D) Recycling

What are C&D materials?

Common C&D materials include lumber, drywall, metals, masonry (brick, concrete, etc.), carpet, plastic, pipe, rocks, dirt, paper, cardboard, or green waste related to land development. Of these, metals are the most commonly recycled material while lumber makes up the majority of debris that still goes to a landfill. For more information, visit CalRecycle Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Page

Deconstruction and dismantling services

Deconstruction is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to demolition since old-growth timber, appliances, cabinetry, and other reusable materials can be given new life. Visit Deconstruction Services.

Reuse options for building materials

Some organizations accept building materials for reuse. Visit Building Materials.

drop-off for mixed loads of construction and demolition debris

Some companies sort mixed loads of construction and demolition debris for recycling. Visit Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Facilities

Common uses for recycled C&D materials:

  • Scrap lumber or wood can be processed and used for landscaping, compost, animal bedding, boiler fuel, or engineered building products.
  • Metals such as aluminum, copper, steel, and brass can be sold to scrap metal yards. These are some of the easiest and most cost-effective materials to recycle.
  • Cardboard can be isolated in cardboard-only dumpster at the job site and picked up by a local recycling firm.
  • Gypsum drywall can be collected for use as a soil amendment or a substitute for lime on lawns.
  • Rubble (concrete, bricks, cinder block, and certain types of tile) can be crushed and sieved for use as an aggregate. For example, it can substitute for stone aggregate in non-construction applications.
  • Glass can be recycled into fiberglass or used in place of sand in paving material.
  • Asphalt shingles can be used in asphalt paving and pothole repair.

construction debris box roll-off container providers

Check with the jurisdiction where the debris box/roll-off container is needed to make sure the company is allowed to provide service. Visit Debris Box for Construction and Demolition Debris

You are required to use the franchised garbage company for your area for collection of garbage and for permanent debris boxes other than for construction and demolition debris.

On June 15, 2023, the Zero Waste Sonoma board received the first reading of the Model CD&D Ordinance developed by ZWS staff. The goal of this ordinance is to better track CD&D material being produced and disposed of in Sonoma County, and ensure that CD&D processing facilities are recycling the mixed materials they receive to the best of their abilities. The proposed ordinance will come back to the ZWS Board at the August 2023 meeting for adoption, then make its way through each jurisdiction for review and adoption. The draft language can be found here.

Download Model CD&D Ordinance Draft