Report an Establishment or Event Using Polystyrene Foam or Other Non-Compliant Practices OR Shout Out a Model Business

Polystyrene and Disposable Food Ware Non-Compliance Report Form

Please let us know if you have been to an establishment or event that is not in compliance with the Polystyrene and Disposable Food Ware Ordinance so that we can assist them.

  • If a retailer is selling products comprised of polystyrene foam including coolers, packing peanuts, cups, plates, etc. please use this form
  • Please also use this form if a food and beverage establishment, food truck, or event vendor is providing the following products:
    • Polystyrene foam food service ware
    • "Compostable" plastic cups, beverage lids, containers, utensils
    • Paper to-go-boxes with shiny inner lining
    • Plastic straws, utensils, stir sticks
    • Accessory items such as straws, lids, utensils, and condiments without the customer asking

*Please note, there are slight variations of the ordinance between Sonoma County jurisdictions. The ordinance adoption status for each jurisdiction can be found about half way down the page here.

If you have additional photos to submit, please email to

Select the jurisdiction of the business or event.
Hold CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) key + click to select/deselect multiple product types

Zero Waste Business Shout-Out Form

We know there are many businesses in Sonoma County that are working hard to get to Zero Waste. Perhaps your favorite coffee shop gives incentives for bringing your own mug, or maybe that restaurant down the street does not use any single-use foodware products! Let us know so we can connect with them and share their story!

Please describe the zero waste measures the identified business is taking to reduce waste, reuse materials, repair products, or otherwise.