Disposable food service ware and polystyrene foam ban model ordinance

Jurisdictions in Sonoma County have implemented or are considering an ordinance, called the Ordinance to Prohibit Use and Sale of Disposable Food Service Ware and Other Products Containing Polystyrene Foam, to ban the sale of certain polystyrene foam products and limit the use of non-recyclable or non-compostable disposable food ware.

*Please note: enforcement in jurisdictions which have adopted the ordinance was intended to begin January 1, 2021, however considering the economic impacts on businesses due to Covid-19, the focus will be on technical assistance first and foremost. Many jurisdictions are considering an updated enforcement date of January 1, 2022.

PS ordinance simple overview
Web lids cutlery

By customer request only.

Web condiment

By customer request only.

Web straws

By customer request only.

What are the alternatives?

Alternatives include food service ware products that are compostable, recyclable or those that can be cleaned and reused.

For assistance in selecting alternative compliant food service ware products view the list below:

Download the List for Food service ware alternatives suppliers (.PDF)

What are the alternatives if I am not a food/beverage provider?

Download the List for Non-food alternatives (.PDF)

Model Ordinance

An Ordinance to Prohibit Use and Sale of Disposable Food Service Ware and Other Products Containing Polystyrene Foam


California law AB 619

AB 619 was signed by the governor on July 12, 2019 and sets standards for handling customer-provided reusable food and drink containers for food service vendors, including food trucks.

Please check with Sonoma County Environmental Health, 707-565-6565, for rules specific for your business.


Please let us know if an establishment you have visited is using or selling polystyrene foam products

In Cloverdale, Windsor, Healdsburg, and Sebastopol, food and beverage establishments are required to use fiber compostable or recyclable plastic or aluminum service ware, and only distribute straws, beverage lids, utensils, and condiment packets on request. Please use this form to report an establishment violating these ordinance terms.

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