Sonoma County Speakers Bureau

This resource is intended to increase visibility of and share available resources from Zero Waste Sonoma, and local organizations, groups, public agencies, and non-profits, who can present information about the services they provide to Sonoma County communities. Some examples of topics include waste reduction, circular economy, hazardous waste, composting, climate change and more.

Leslie Lukacs, Executive Director, Zero Waste Sonoma

Leslie has worked over 20 years in solid waste and resource management industry and, prior to this appointment, was the Director of Zero Waste at SCS Engineers, a solid waste, recycling and organics management consulting firm, for 13 years. Leslie also had her own consulting company for 7 years. Leslie has spent her career designing and implementing comprehensive sustainability and zero waste programs for large institutions, public agencies, venues, and events throughout California and the nation.

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Xinci Tan, Organics Program Manager, Zero Waste Sonoma

Xinci is currently helping commercial businesses comply with California’s AB 1828 Mandatory Composting law, involved in negotiations for a new proposed compost facility in Sonoma County, and actively trying to boost food recovery efforts, among other projects.

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Courtney Scott, Household Hazardous Waste Program Manager, Zero Waste Sonoma

Courtney Scott has worked in household hazardous waste for 12 years. She began her career with the San Rafael Fire Department coordinating the Marin HHW Facility in partnership with Marin Resource Recycling and Zero Waste Marin. Currently, she is the HHW Program Manager for Zero Waste Sonoma, managing the HHW and e-waste programs. She’s been with Zero Waste Sonoma for seven years.

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Sloane Pagal, Zero Waste Program Manager, Zero Waste Sonoma

As a Program Manager with Zero Waste Sonoma, Sloane Pagal approaches the challenges of implementing waste reduction strategies in increasingly complex systems with an eye toward collaborative circularity. Notable projects include the beverage container recycling pilot, local foodware ordinances, program development for reusables, and construction & demolition policy. She has worked to establish a core of local fixers to help extend the useful life of consumer goods through free public repair events, and leads the organizing team for North Bay Zero Waste Week.

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Nicole Tai, Owner, GreenLynx

Nicole Tai is the CEO of GreenLynx, a deconstruction contractor and reuse facility based in Santa Rosa, CA. Nicole has managed and inventoried over 150 deconstruction, construction and reuse logistics projects around the Bay Area and New York, totalling over 1.5 million residential, commercial and institutional square feet. She founded the Bay Area Deconstruction Workgroup, and is currently leading the Build Reuse Language Workgroup and a Subcommittee focused on changes to CalGreen that include reuse.

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Darek Trowbridge, Owner, Old World Winery & Soil Carbon Management Company

In 2012 Darek started making a Regenerative Composted Mulch for use in his Biodynamic and Regenerative farming and to help revive 120 year old vines that his great Grandfather once tended. From that success he has brought this material to 6 other ranches that are now farmed by Darek regeneratively. In addition, Darek grows food crops and eggs on a small market garden using the Regenerative Composted Mulch. This has provided sustenance for many customers, friends and family and acts like a demonstration project for visitors to see how to grow crops without (soil organic matter destroying) tillage using Darek’s soil amendment.

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Veronica Siwy, Deputy Director of Water and Environmental Management, Town of Windsor

Veronica Siwy is currently the Deputy Director of Water and Environmental Management for the Town of Windsor. With over 18 years in the field, Veronica has experience in drinking water, wastewater, recycled water, water conservation, storm water and biosolids. Veronica has a BA in Biology and a Masters in Public Administration, both from Sonoma State University.

Veronica Siwy (MPA) | LinkedIn

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Angel Minor, Chief Executive Officer, Conservation Corps North Bay

Angel joined the team as COO in 2017 and was appointed CEO by the Board of Directors in 2019. Angel has the general authority of all aspects of CCNB’s management, including financial and budget control, grant compliance, technology, and human resources. She works closely with the Board of Directors and senior management team to develop and assess strategies to achieve agency-wide goals.

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Phoebe Schenker, Executive Director, Reuse Alliance

Phoebe Schenker is the Executive Director of Reuse Alliance, a nonprofit working to grow the reuse economy. Over fifteen years as a practicing architect, she applied complex problem solving skills to sustainable buildings like the award winning Lands End Lookout in San Francisco and the New Seas Aquarium at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, WA. She is now using those same skills to solve one of the most complex problems of our time - how to increase reuse in a disposable world.

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Mark Soiland, Owner, Soiland Company

Mark is a 2nd generation business leader here in Sonoma County. He was raised on a horse ranch in Petaluma and learned construction, gardening and other outdoor hobbies as a young boy.

Soiland Company was founded as a construction company, and after several decades in business it became a local material supplier to regional construction and landscaping needs.

Today Mr. Soiland runs Soiland Company Inc. as a family-owned and operated enterprise keen on sustainable practices and giving back to the community.

Mark is proud to operate Sonoma County’s only green composting facility as well as recycled bark (arbor mulch.) Mark also has a passion for educational and occupational programs for youth in the area as he serves on local boards and committees as a volunteer.

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We believe that there are a number of groups and organizations throughout the County that would be interested in hosting speakers on topics relevant to the LTF and the Zero Waste Sonoma. This could include organizations and groups providing speakers but also having their own topics of interest that they would like to know more about. Examples might include:

  • Lion’s Club
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Democratic Club
  • Local businesses associations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Young professional groups
  • Committee for Change (Windsor High School students)
  • HOAs
  • School groups

Do you have an idea for a speaker you think should be added to this list?

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