Making Your Home Life Greener

Children's Parties

Children's parties are notorious for creating waste: gift bags, balloons, paper plates for cake! What steps can you take to make your child's party less impactful to the planet?

Skip the balloons!
Balloons are notorious for floating away into the sky when those little hands get distracted. Once those balloons escape, they become harmful to wildlife. Balloons can end up in waterways and become mistaken for food by birds, turtle and other animals. The strings can get tangled on animal feet or wrapped around their necks.

Say no to plastic straws!
Did you know that 500 million straws are discarded into the landfill every day? That doesn't even take into account the littered ones that end up in the waterways. Ditch the straw or offer a metal straw in lieu of a gift bag.

Ditch the plastic water bottles!
Single use plastic is a growing problem in our society. 80% of plastic water bottles end up in the landfill, where it can take 1,000 years for every single bottle to breakdown. Toxics from these bottles leach into the environment causing health and environmental issues. Ask your guests to bring their own bottle.

Don't use single serve plates.
Instead of serving cake on plastic plates, use reusable, serve cupcakes, cookies or ice cream in cones. Compostable service ware is readily available in the marketplace, but make sure to consult with the local rules to make sure it is actually accepted in your curbside bins.

Be crafty with your gift bags or ditch them all together.
Kids love to leave the party with little gifts and toys, but they are not necessary. If you insist on sending them home with a memento, encourage kids to bring a book or toy and do an exchange!