Buckets and drums - 5-gallon and larger

If you have food grade 5-gallon buckets, consider reuse. Empty containers can be disposed of in the garbage provided the contents are dried and non-dripping.

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Location pin Containers Unlimited

10901 Russet St.
Oakland, CA 94603

NotesPickup and fee: 4-5 gallon buckets which previously contained non-hazardous materials, eight pallet minimum. Buckets should be rinsed, some paint stains okay; call for quote. Drop-off (no cost): call first.

Location pin Healdsburg Transfer Station (Disposal and Recycling)

166 Alexander Valley Rd
Healdsburg, CA 95448

NotesDrop-off: 5-gallon buckets only.

Location pin Super Link Plastic, Inc.

888 92nd Ave.
Oakland, CA 94603

NotesPickup: 5 to 55-gallon plastic drums, large quantities