Miniature toiletry bottles would be banned at hotels if Governor Newsom signs this bill

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by Meaghan Mackey | Wednesday, September 18th 2019

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Miniature toiletry bottles could soon be banned at hotels across the state of California if Governor Gavin Newsom signs Assembly Bill 1162.

AB 1162 would ban miniature bottles of shampoo, shower gel and other personal hygiene products in hotels and lodging establishments.

The miniature bottles would only be made available by request, similar to the plastic-straw ban already in place in California.

If signed by Governor Newsom, the bill would take effect in 2023 in lodging establishments with more than 50 rooms.

In the following years after the first year the bill goes into effect, miniature bottles would be banned at all lodging establishments no matter how many rooms the business has.

The bill is supported by environmental advocates.

Opponents such as the Personal Products Care Council say it’s bad for business.

The bill passed the Assembly 52 to 21 on September 9 with five not voting.

The bill passed the Senate 25 to 11 on September 5 with four not voting.

The bill will become law if Governor Newsom signs it.

For more information on the bill, click here.