Repair Fair Mini Grant

Zero Waste Sonoma is committed to expanding the reuse economy in Sonoma County, and one way is through events such as Repair Fairs, Fix-it Clinics, Repair Workshops, and Reuse/Upcycling classes. The purpose of this mini-grant is to give local groups and organizations the opportunity to engage with local fixers, and bring repair events to their local community, with the goal of reducing waste sent to landfill, extending the life of consumer goods, skill-building and skill-sharing, minimizing carbon emissions associated with purchasing new goods, and as an added bonus, saving our residents money!

If you are new to the idea of repair fairs, and interested in starting your own, please reach out to Sloane Pagal at or 707-292-3707 to set up an informational call.

This mini-grant may be utilized by non-profit organizations and community groups in Sonoma County. If you are new to Repair Fairs, and this is your first event, please download a blank W-9 and submit a scanned copy including a wet signature, to You only need to do this once. If you are an informal group, Zero Waste Sonoma may still be able to help.

Please enter the physical address of the business/nonprofit
Please enter the current mailing address
Please describe how these mini-grant funds will be used for your proposed Repair Fair event. Examples may include marketing, fixer stipends, or snacks/food/drinks for volunteers.
Total dollar amount requested for this event. Min $50, max $750.
Attach an image or PDF of the establishment's W-9 form with a wet signature, or email to