Request for Qualifications for Composting Services

November 23, 2011

Proposals due 3:00 p.m. on December 19, 2011

The AGENCY is seeking information about contractors that are capable of providing composting services either as a solely private enterprise operating on private property under privately held operating permits, as a possible private/public partnership or as a contractor operating the AGENCY facility and composting program, including the current slate of related activities. As a starting point, the AGENCY is soliciting via this RFQ information about interested parties in order to conduct an evaluative process for potentially entering into a new agreement for a contract operator or a private enterprise with which the AGENCY could negotiate a contract for green waste diversion. The unique circumstances for the near-term future of the program, particularly the transition from the current location to a new program home, coupled with the desire to dramatically increase the volume and type of materials processed, provides the impetus for consideration of alternative diversion options of compostable/green material, including a new agreement.

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