Drums/barrels - empty

State and federal agencies encourage the re-use and recycling of large and sturdy 55-gallon drums to conserve natural resources. If the drum is not able to be re-used, it can be recycled as scrap metal. Because these drums might have contained dangerous materials at one time, though, special care must be taken to ensure they are disposed of properly without damage to the environment or to public health.

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Bataeff Salvage Company

250 Mountain View Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

NotesPickup: empty reusable drums that previously contained food grade products. Call first. See website for more information.

Fremouw Environmental Services, Inc. (FES)

6940 Tremont Rd.
Dixon, CA 95620

NotesPickup and fee: empty metal drums that previously contained motor oil from businesses; call (707) 448-3700 for instructions.


3400 Standish Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

NotesDrop-off: HDPE totes, bins, crates, buckets, and drums. Call for details.

Super Link Plastic, Inc.

888 92nd Ave.
Oakland, CA 94603

NotesPickup: 5 to 55-gallon plastic drums, large quantities