Glass - Plate, Mirrors, Windows, Picture Frames

If the glass items are in reusable condition, consider donation. Otherwise, dispose of plate glass (e.g., window glass), and other non-food and beverage container glass items in the garbage.

If you have broken glass shards (broken mirrors, picture frame glass, etc.), there is no need to prepare the sharp shards before placing them in your garbage cart. Garbage is not sorted and the broken glass is landfilled without being handled by hauling company or disposal site staff.

Related topics:

See Building materials for reuse of glass doors, windows, tables, and mirrors.
See County Refuse Disposal Sites for disposal; regular garbage rates apply.
See Curbside Services: Blue Cart for recycling of food and beverage container glass.
See Secondhand - Charities - Reuse for donation of reusable small glass items (e.g., Pyrex casserole dishes, etc.)

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Location pin Central Disposal Site – Reuse Area (Recycletown)

500 Mecham Rd
Petaluma, CA 94952

NotesDrop-off: sliding glass doors (tempered and non-tempered) and unbroken pieces of glass suitable for reuse; check with on-site attendant.

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Location pin Windsor Material Transfer Facility

586 Caletti Ave
Windsor, CA 95492

NotesWMTF Facility are not part of the County Refuse Disposal Site system. WMTF accepts refuse, yard waste, food scraps, cardboard, plastic containers, glass containers, plate glass, paper, aluminum cans, scrap metal.

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Cost Please call for pricing 707-838-2597 Payment by cash, debit, and credit card only. No checks