Appliances - Small

Check the organizations listed below accepting a variety of small appliances for reuse or recycling.

Small appliances can be recycled as e-waste, scrap metal, or disposed of as garbage depending on how the items are constructed. See examples below. We know it's confusing! If your small appliances still work, consider using platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Freecycle and Nextdoor to list and find items for reuse, resale, or giveaway.

Batteries need to be removed from devices prior to recycling. Dispose of batteries at Zero Waste Sonoma Household Hazardous Waste Programs or at locations accepting Batteries - Household

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See Materials exchange programs for online donation and reuse options of working small appliances

Small e-waste appliances
Recycle the items listed below which contain screens and/or complicated circuit boards as e-waste (for a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items, see Electronic Waste Disposal)

Examples: Answering machines • Cell phones • Cords • Digital cameras • Fax machines • Keyboards/mice • Microwaves • Radios • Robotic vacuums • Tablets • Zip drives

Small scrap metal appliances (at least 75% metal)

Please recycle your items at locations that accept Metal - scrap, including the transfer stations.

Examples: Blenders (metal) • Curling irons • Fans (metal) • Irons • Sanders • Staplers (metal) • Toasters (metal) • Waffle irons (metal)

Important: Remove cords from devices as they get tangled in your residential hauler's recycling sorting equipment. Drop-off the cords at locations that accept Electronics (e-waste) or at locations that accept Metal - scrap. Do not put cords in your curbside blue recycle cart.

Small plastic appliances
If unwanted items cannot be donated for reuse, dispose of plastic small appliances in the garbage.

Examples: Blenders (plastic) • Clocks • Coffee makers • Curling irons (plastic) • Fans (plastic) • Hair dryers • Swiffers™ • Lamps • Paper shredders • Toasters (plastic) • Shop vacs

Separate metal detachable components (e.g., metal mixing blades) and place in your Curbside Services: Blue Cart or drop-off at locations that accept Metal - scrap.

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See County Refuse Disposal Sites for drop-off of large freon and non-freon large appliances
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Location pin Best Buy

1950 Santa Rosa Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

NotesDrop-off (limit three items per household per day): audio equipment, cell phones, fans, personal care items (hair dryers, etc.), radios. Visit website for a complete list of items accepted.

Location pin eWaste Sonoma

3227 Santa Rosa Ave, Unit A
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

NotesDrop off and fee: eWaste Sonoma accepts small and large printers, commercial grade copiers, microwaves, convection ovens, vacuums, oil-based heaters, and in-wall AC units for a fee.

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Cost Cost varies depending on item

Location pin Redwood Gospel Mission

1821 Piner Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

NotesDrop-off: small quantities of working/non-working residential e-waste (all flat screen, telephones, hair dryers, etc.) Working microwaves only. Older model TVs up to 24"; nonprofit dedicated to providing assistance to homeless people.

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